The REAL Time It Takes to Build a Website


It’s the one question that will come up in conversation as soon as someone states they’re a web designer. And even though it’s a straightforward question, the answer is anything but. Depending on the designer, that answer can range from two hours to two months. The short answer is: it depends.

When you break down what goes into a website, it’s unique to each client. Some websites require hundreds of hours worth of work, while others only require a handful. It’s all about what the client wants and needs, and the ability of a web designer to deliver exactly that. 

There is no “one size fits all” answer for how long it takes to build a website.
Tweet: There is no “one size fits all” answer on how long it takes to build a website.

During the process, roughly half of the time is spent on the actual “build” of a website. You might ask yourself, “Why am I spending money while my designer is waiting to start working immediately?” The answer to that is because they’re performing the research necessary to make sure you have the best possible website.

From checking out your competition to your industry to your target audience, your designer needs to understand what your company or brand represents. It’s important to make sure every aspect of the website is in alignment with your wants and needs. 


The average website build involves a process that almost every developer uses. It starts with the strategy or discovery phase, where they perform the necessary research on SEO and keywords, competitor audits, content planning, and more. While you as the client may have provided your designer with everything they may need in terms of collateral, they need to do their own homework to really set the you up for success.

The next step is the build process, where all the content and graphics are mapped out. Many designers will use a wireframe to give an idea of what the finished project may look like, while others will go directly into building on the actual pages of the site. 

The design phase is next, where work begins on the home page and the main navigational pages. This can be a lengthly process if all information necessary isn't on hand, but that’s where good communication between the designer and client is extremely vital.


The development phase is really where a designer gets into the nitty-gritty. Images are uploaded, tweaked, and fine-tuned. Content is written, edited, and presented in the most effective way possible. The designer will then go over the entire website, paying attention to every detail, to make sure it meets the client’s wishes.

The last stage is always the support or maintenance work after a website goes live. Depending on the client and their industry, they may need to have updates go live every few months, whether its for specific promotions, holidays, etc. Images need to be swapped out to keep the site looking “fresh,” copy may need to be tweaked and adjusted to fit a new project, or there might be a few adjustments that need to be made based on user feedback.

While many designers use this basic system to craft beautiful and engaging websites, each process is unique to the designer, so take the time to find the designer that best meets your needs!

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