Does My Business Need a Blog? (Yes, It Does!)


If you’ve been paying attention to the social media landscape, you may have heard a few things. Facebook has changed its algorithm once again; you can now publish Instagram posts from your computer; blogging is dead. *Cue cringes and eye rolls*

Yes, you read that last one right. Blogging in the traditional sense may be dying down, as more readers want quick hit information and not drawn out posts. However, there are still valuable reasons for you to start or continue blogging. Read on to learn just why having a blog can and will help your business.

It Improves Your SEO

You want to be at the top of your game in every aspect of your business, from the product or service to the marketing to your website. But just how does having a blog help with SEO? Think of it this way: every post you publish is another “page” of your website. The more pages you have in relation to your business, the better chance you have of your audience finding you online.

The best way to achieve this is by answering the questions your audience is asking. When your audience looks to Google to research a solution to a problem or for a specific product, your blog posts – if you’re using the right keywords – will be displayed in those search results. This also brings more targeted traffic back to your website.

Your audience is asking questions. Answer them.
Tweet: Your audience is asking questions. Answer them.

It Helps with Social Media

Many businesses struggle to come up with a consistent social media calendar. Instead of spending countless hours figuring out the right hashtags to use and the perfect photo or catchy click bait message, focus on your blog.

Almost all website platforms have an option to share your blog posts to your social media channels when published. Your ideal audience is already active on social media, so it makes sense to publish where you’ll get the most visibility.

Simply by posting your blogs to social media, you have the potential to increase your leads and website views, but have the chance of expanding your audience: your following can share your post to their personal channels.


You Can Repurpose the Content

In today's business world, working smarter and not harder is how you play the game. That means taking content you've already written or used, and applying it to another medium. Blog posts are one of the most versatile content pieces out there. They have so much information, so much value, that it's easy to transform them into something else, like a podcast, social post, Medium post, YouTube series, or many other options.

For example, consider starting a podcast. Not only can you monetize them, but you can upload them to the major digital platforms like iTunes, Google, iHeart Radio, Amazon, and so much more. And since podcasts don't have to be very long, you can take the content you've written with your blogs as a launching point. Either use a handful of them as talking points or simply read them in full. 

It Makes You a Thought Leader

The goal for many entrepreneurs and business professionals is to become an expert in their field. It's easier than one may think to make this happen. Those with numerous testimonials, a bursting portfolio, and relatable success stories use them as a launching pad. But what can those just starting out in their business do?

Share information. 

The best way to do that? Create a blog. When thinking in terms of sharing information, a blog is an invaluable tool. It may not create the revenue stream it once used to, but it serves the purpose of sharing information, tips, knowledge, and so much more. It gives a person the ability to be personable, to share who they are with their audience, not just what their business is.