Want the Best Content? Do Your Research!

Keyword research is not enough to create high-quality high-ranking content.
— Ann Smarty
Tweet: “Keyword research is not enough to create high-quality high-ranking content.” - Ann Smarty (https://ctt.ec/sbakB+) by @Megan_Stewart21

Have you hit a wall when it comes to your blog’s content? Has that inspiration well all but dried up? Are memes, infographics, and stock photos filling up the pages? When you’re looking for fresh, invigorating, and trending content, many writers need to start doing some research. But where do you start? There are three main areas to check out, and you’ll be sure to find an overwhelming amount of content ideas when you start digging!


Do you what makes your content effective? Have you studied the analytics of your past work to see what's getting views and what isn't? If you're a content creator, it's important to understand the other side that goes into your work. While you can craft outstanding content, it doesn't mean anything if people aren't reading it and aren't engaging with it. Using analytics to see not only the click rate, but also the demographics, keyword research, and engagements can help push your content to the next level, whether you're writing for yourself or work.



Sometimes its easiest to see what people are already talking about and create content centered around that. Joining the conversation, sharing your knowledge, and pointing out a new perspective is just as easy and effective as starting the conversation in the first place. To see what's trending or what everyone is talking about on a given day or on a given subject, there are multiple ways to tackle this:


Have you ever found yourself typing into a search engine and found that a bunch of questions popped up? Does this happen when you’re researching your latest blog topic? If so, you’re in luck! People are actively searching for answers, and what better way to create an engaging post than by answering these questions? Now, you don’t want to answer every one that pops up, but the ones that are relevant to you and your audience.

When you're looking for the best content, what are your go-to steps?