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You deserve to have a website that speaks to the core of your business and brand, highlighting what makes you stand out. The products you offer, the services you provide, your unique brand should be immediately recognizable.

Your content doesn't need to be boring and clinical to be professional. Your authenticity will speak to your audience. No matter what industry you’re in, from design to tech, from athlete to influencer, we have you covered.

We take the time to get to know you and your business to give you the best possible online presence. From an aesthetically pleasing social media feed and engaging custom content, your voice will match across all platforms.

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I’m a California native who’s lucky enough to have found my passion so early on in life.

I’m a designer, entrepreneur, writer, volleyball player, and founder of Design the Conversation. I create personalized and engaging brands for emerging entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals.

Have you ever wanted a designer to step into your vision and share it with you? Have you wanted a designer to create a website and online presence that helps you scale your business to the next level, while exhibiting your authenticity and transparency to develop a connection with your audience before you talk to them?

That’s exactly what I do! The relationships I build are more than just business; they’re personal.

To be blunt:

My goal is to give you the perfect online presence to launch your business or personal brand.

If this is what you’ve been searching for, find out how we can work together!

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Official Bio

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Megan Stewart used her 10 years of experience as a journalist, having created digital platforms for publications who didn't have an online identity, to open her business Design the Conversation, a web presence development company specializing in customized websites, landing pages, and more.

Megan's story and expertise have been featured in several magazines and online publications, including Badassery Magazine.

When she’s not creating kickass websites for her clients, you can find her reading a good book or spending time with her pups. Check out her tips, stories, and inspiration on all things websites here.